About Me

My name is Jay Martinez.

Born & raised in San Antonio, Tx. I spent most my early years wreaking havoc in my mom’s living room playing video-games & eating corn dogs.  These days when I’m home I’ve grown accustomed to a much simpler life hanging out with my cat & binge walking Neftlix.

Music has always been an enormous part of my life. I grew up going to rock concerts with my parents so it wasn’t too big of a surprise when I started my own band “Across the Atlantic”. Throughout the years we’ve clawed our way up from humble beginnings as a local band playing empty bars in San Antonio to touring around the country nationally.

Concurrently, I earned a Bachelors in Communication from UTSA & a Masters in Mass Communication from Texas State. I have pondered over the thought of maybe someday going back to pursue my Doctorates as I am specifically fascinated  in media studies of Television & Radio but for now my plate remains full with touring and writing with the band.

I love to explore new places & am very much a budget traveler at heart.

Flexible dieter/Cheeseburger Connoisseur

“It’s all about the journey.”