The Sharptone Story (Part 2.)

“Trust the Process”

It was 6am in Orlando Florida. We had about a week to the completion of the album, mostly finishing up things like extra vocals & little details, by that time in the process it seemed like days were never ending. Honestly, the only reason I was awake so early was because of the free breakfast in our hotel lobby. It was then, I got a call from a number who’s area code I’d never seen before. I was tempted to just let this one go to voicemail & proceed to enjoying the rest of my blueberry muffin but I did not. Skeptically, I answered. After hearing the heavy accent present on the other side of the phone I was 100% sure this had to be a prank call, it wasn’t. “Is this Jay? I really would like to talk about your band, are you free?”. This was my first contact with the Sharptone Records office located in Germany & the first event, in a chain of many that would change my life forever.

In that phone call lasting well over a hour I spoke with Shaprtone about who we were & our journey. I tried my hardest to do the cliff note version of the last 5 years & explain all that had occurred in a humbling fashion. It turns out though most of what I was saying they already knew about. Sharptone was familiar with the EP, they were familiar with the first album & they loved it. It was clear then, this hadn’t been a coincidental call or inquiry in the band they had been following us for quite some time. They had seen the tours, the member changes & the adversity. They had listened to records, watched the music videos & seen the promos. For virtually the first time, all our hard-work all we had built for was noticed by someone in a true position of prominence in the industry & that within itself was a powerful moment for me, personally.

“So your currently recording a new album?” Immediately they wanted to hear all that we had been working on over the last month at Wade’s. Which at that point in time, wasn’t mixed and wasn’t ready.  Ironically enough the only thing that was “The Prelude” or intro of the record. So ironically enough just how the public & you guys are getting exposed to the album now, the label did in the same order!

We sent over the intro & that was cool and all but of course they wanted the whole thing, the album in its entirety. At that point in time we still needed about 4 days (at the absolute least) to tie this thing up into a presentable fashion & we were already crunching down to the finish line trying to complete everything by the time we left Wade’s anyway.  But again, Andrew being the absolute robot that he is found a way to not only make it happen but make it happen beautifully & within 3 days.

I have to tell you though these were the longest 72hrs of my life!! The tension was so high amongst us 5 during that time that every email, every text, every phone call or every Facebook Message was like walking on eggshells. I wouldn’t say there was ever a disbelief in ourselves or in the album itself but there was just a healthy amount of skepticism that maybe the content of the record wouldn’t be quite match up to what they were looking for. You see it had become clear Sharptone loved the last album, they could tell us the names of the songs & the parts of the songs. It was crazy, literally felt like the twilight zone! And though this record definitely picks up where the last one left off, it also takes quite a few steps forward in new directions entirely. And like most things in life the thought of the unknown is intimidating.

Simply put, this was the album WE wanted to make. We had no prior idea or notion that these songs would be courted by labels or that it would even be commercially available we just sought out to make music that we liked. 100% free of any agenda. And much like our journey as a band the record was made inimitably diverse. Nothing was filtered & nothing was off limits. And the thought of that was fucking scary.

Night after night I was losing my sleep asking myself why now? Why couldn’t they of at least told us a month before so there would of been at least some collaboration possible to make this album attractive to them, What if they wanted more heavy songs? Or what if they wanted more pop songs? We truly were in a position where all our cards were on the table and the rest was up to fate.

Within 2 days we formally received our offer from Sharptone Records.

In retrospect, this was the only absolute way things could’ve possibly went down. It had to of been this way, our way. We made a album that I am confident in saying is filled with the best songs we’ve ever written and we made it all free of any judgement or outside influences. It was important that this partnership we were about to embark on with Sharptone not only suited them but suited us. We were very lucky to find a label that shares the same aspirations for our career as we do and I think the initial listen to the album and feedback characterized the support and allure of Sharptone. This connection and this significance was genuine.  Sharptone doesn’t just believe in us, they believe in our vision & our ambitions. We share the same goals, we share the commitment & we share the same love for music. And coming from a label, I don’t think theres anything more we can ask for.

For so many years and through so much bullshit it seemed like this day would literally never come. Time and time again we were passed on, overlooked, or downright rejected. It took a lot to continue, it took a lot to move forward. If you ask any of the guys in this band I am 100% sure they will tell you that quitting has never been an option but I know the mental toll of continuing this marathon with no real finish line in sight had weighed on all of us. But it also humbled us, success wasn’t granted overnight we didn’t get picked up our first year or second year. We had to grind, we had to sweat and we had to bleed for this and I think thats what makes this so much more valuable to us. As cliche as it sounds I feel as though things happened at the exact right time they were supposed to with who they were supposed to. The match with Sharptone feels tailor-made. From the international infrastructure, to the leadership & the team , to the roster and the innovation that is going on right now from such a young company we couldn’t of asked to be in a better position at a better time. I know there’s still a lot of work to be done and I know we’re still far from where we envision ourselves but I am fully confident in the band and in the team at Sharptone that the question at hand isnt a matter of “If” but “When“.

Always moving forward, always trusting the process, the best is yet to come!

Time to work.



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