“Inspire Yourself to Inspire Others”

If there is but one thing I hope to achieve by life or by music it is to inspire. To influence others to chase their passion’s and find their own happiness. The route may not be short & the journey may not be easy but what better investment in life is there than investing in yourself?

This is my story

Growing up I was fortunate in having a family that encouraged & invigorated my dreams. No matter how wishful or far fetched, they always said it was possible & I believed them.

After high school I halfheartedly enrolled at UTSA with no real direction or goals- other than humoring my parents. Around this same time, I joined a band called “Across the Atlantic” really just to keep myself busy, honestly. We were bad & when I say bad I mean horrible. Still though the practices with my friends made it bearable. On a whim we played our first show. Besides getting booed off stage I really didn’t have any expectations of it. But it was there that I unexpectedly discovered my first true love of public speaking. Immediately after that show, I emailed my advisor to declare communication studies as my major. I didn’t dwell, I didn’t contemplate. I just did it.

As years went on I endured school but adored music. Climbing the ranks; from playing local shows to booking tours, from booking tours to recording across the country. I had never had so much fun losing money in my life! It  became clear that this whole band thing was growing into something much more refined than the hobby I envisioned at my mom’s house.  Growing pains ensued, I was nearing judgement day (or college graduation as some like to call it.) With still no plan or “career” in mind I did what any reluctant graduate would do. I KEPT GOING. A Masters program for Mass Communication from Texas State, ehh why not?

I continued to juggle both school and the band, the band and school but this time on a much more strenuous schedule. School was much more detailed and concentrated & the band was requiring more time & investment than ever as popularity rose. As you can probably imagine it became quite tiresome and downright depressing. I wasn’t just getting by anymore I was falling behind. I wasn’t just broke anymore, I was collecting debt. I reached an absolute breaking point of exhaustion and anxiety. I wanted to quit at least one, if not both. Still though something told me to keep going, to keep studying, to keep writing.

So I did.

After days, months, years  of hard-work, commitment & quite frankly a little luck I made it through. Honestly & humbly I made it through & the best part is so can you!

You see, we live in a world where nothing is guaranteed, moments are precious & time is limited. At birth we are all given an opportunity to simply fill blank pages or to write stories.


What will you choose?

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