First things first

March 29, 2017

“Uhh check… Is this thing on?”

Hey everyone my name is Jay Martinez. Some of you may know me from my band, some of you may know me from school, some from traveling & some from regret! Whatever the case, Welcome! Honestly I was intimidated & a little nervous about opening up a personal blog/website but ultimately I could not turn down a opportunity to procrastinate just a little bit longer from studying for Grad School Exams…

Over the next few months my life is going to be turned upside down!  Graduation is looming, the band is growing, traveling is imminent & “real-life” is calling. As a result, I want to extend to each of you (& everyone else on the planet) a personal invitation & front row seat, to this unapologetic monologue known as my life.

Expect tours, expect adventure; Triumphs, headache’s & life-lessons.

Expect back-lining at venues with sketchy places to sleep, international beaches & fast-food critiques.

Expect a little bravado just mixed with self-doubt.

Expect losing your mind when you thought you had it all figured out.

This is life unexpected.


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